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Tim Sappington, AIA

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Tim Sappington is an artist and architect based in New Hampshire. Originally from Washington DC, Tim received his Master’s in Architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. Throughout his career, Tim has extensively worked not only as an architect and artist, but also in theatre as a stage designer, in film, and in animation. Some of his art direction and animation work has been featured on PBS. He interned for Giuliani Associates in Washington DC before relocating to Northern New Hampshire, where he has now worked as a resident artist and architect for 39 years.  As such, Tim finds major influence from oriental painting and architecture, often interweaving the surrounding nature into the spatial environment of his buildings and scenic art. His visual point of view celebrates graceful line and simplicity of form, while also finding a delight within the intricacy of ornament. Tim’s primary inspiration has been the incredible atmosphere and playfulness of nature found in scenic New Hampshire and Maine. The Portland Art Gallery of Maine featured and sold his seacoast paintings for four years.  With every project, Tim embarks to heighten the way humans experience their world.


Caramon Burrows

Associate Designer


Caramon Burrows has worked with Tim Sappington for 15 years with architectural, fine art, and theatrical projects. As associate designer, he works extensively with Tim in both conceptual and technical capacities. Caramon values the freedom of creativity he possesses in his work; he has a great appreciation for heightened, elaborate ornament, while also honoring effective use of space with each project. Along with architecture, Caramon is a professional finish carpenter and sculptor and has crafted a sizable amount of great pieces out of differing hardwoods. He also has worked in the past as an automotive technician, as well as a technician/carpenter for theaters in the New Hampshire region.  

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Martha Sappington

Computer Rendering and Photography


Martha Sappington is an educator, photographer, and artist who has been married to Tim for 19 years. Martha has done extensive work with Tim as a collaborator, working with him on conceptual ideas and photographic rendering. Both Martha and Tim value the attention to detail and creative spirit they offer to each other in their work. Martha has instilled imagination and a love for the arts in young people’s lives for over 50 years as a teacher and nanny.

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